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This course may use the VeriCite plagiarism detection software on one or more assignments.

Paraphrased from the VeriCite Help Site
What is VeriCite?
VeriCite is a plagiarism detection service that identifies potentially plagiarized or improperly cited text. The service automatically checks submitted work against an ever-increasing index of online sources.

How does it work?
VeriCite converts your submission into plain text and may exclude any quoted material from matching. It can consume in-line submissions and submission files in any file format (e.g. pptx, html, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, ppt, doc, odf, etc.). The rest of the text is then compared for exact matches with existing source material. There is an overview score as well as a side by side comparison of the matching text and sources.

VeriCite reports are created on demand every single time a report is generated. This means all reports are delivered instantly. This dynamic updating can help prevent complex plagiarism issues.


Plagiarism detection software is used to protect both your original work as well as the original work of others. Knowing what constitutes plagiarism and how to identify it are vital to producing quality, academic work.

Review the resources listed below and the video at right to become familiar with, and find answers for, using VeriCite.

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